The TROOPER Awards September 2017


The TROOPER Awards July 2016

Winning Team – G Rogueby- 109 pts Phillippe Buffeteau, Eric Champeaux, Ramis Khelif, Laurent Gaya
Runners Up Seal Pac 1- 94 pts (awarded on countback) Kevin HJones, Chris Aldersley, Jono Healey, Wyatt Brichall
3rd Warner Music – 94 pts Bruce Rogers, Paul Reeve, Ian Whitfield, Tom Travers

Individual Winner – Jono Healey- 48 pts
Lady Winner– Marcella Anselletti- 31 pts

Straightest Drive – JH Taylor course – Brendan Wayne
Straightest Drive – Pam Barton course – Phillipe Buffeteau
Nearest the Pin – JH Taylor course – Steven Parker
Nearest the Pin – Pam Barton course – Adam Lockett

The TROOPER Awards July 2015

Winning Team – Team Greenish; with 105 points! Host: Freddy Greenish (who were runners up last year – So handicap revisions coming up in 2016
Runners Up – Bennie’s Bandits (101 points) – Host: Alan Bennie
3rd – Meat and Veg (100 points)

Individual Winner – Kelvin Daly (Team: Viu Verun Wimbledon) – 52 points
Runner Up – Rory Hamilton-Brown (Team: Greenish) – 51 points
3rd – Jamie Bennie – 49 points

Lady Winner– Ital Strong – 46 points
Runner Up – Adele Tosti – 35 points
3rd – Marcella Anselmetti – 34 points

Longest Drive – JH Taylor course – Jay Burridge
Longest Drive – Pam Barton course – Luke Edgecumbe
Nearest the Pin – JH Taylor course – David Telfer (Hole in One!)
Nearest the Pin – Pam Barton course – Paul Kaye

The Calloway Closest Putt – Mark Allen


Team Winner – Baigrie Davies – Tom Baigrie (Noooooo!), Tim Cooke, James Staite, Sean Marsh with 99 points
Runner Up – Centtrip – Freddy Greenish, Daniel Butcher, Simon Liddell, Ian Flanagan with 98 points

Individual Winner – Paul Hughes (Team: Meat & Veg) – 44 points (won on a 22/22 points count back)
2nd place – David Bowman (Team: The Royal & Archaic) – 44 points
Lady Winner– Clare Campbell (Team: TWM Players) – 31 points

Longest Drive – JH Taylor course – Luke Burdess (again!! Even further he says!)
Longest Drive – Pam Barton course – Freddie Greenish
Nearest the Pin – JH Taylor course – Gerry Bradley
Nearest the Pin – Pam Barton course – Barry Drinkwater (how??!!)


Team prize:
1st Meat & 2 Veg
2nd The Pirates
3rd Clarisford Developments

1st Mark Price (42 Stbfd off too many)
2nd Paul Hanby

Longest drive: Luke Burdess (bloody miles, he said!)



Team Winner: Bennie’s Bandits (by name as by nature!)
Individual: Chris Edwards (37 off 19)
Longest Drive: Paul Watson